Research Projects in Progress

Multicultural Ministry

The Revd Ron Browning – A research project in multicultural ministry, examing the experience of the Karen Anglican community in Melbourne (due for completion at the end of 2015). The project aims are to provide a model to assist parishes and communities in outreach to, and intergration of, people groups from non Anglo-Saxon and non English speaking backgrounds, into the life of the local Anglican community.  

Generational Decline in Australian Anglican Identity 

Associate Professor Andrew Singleton (Deakin University) – the project will conduct an evidence based analysis of why Anglican identity is losing its appeal in Australian society, with a view to assisting parishes and clergy in understanding the reasons for the decline together with the social factors at work, so as to enable them to be better equipped in outreach into their communities.

Parish Growth in a variety of settings

Researchers, The Revd Dr Stephen Ames, and Mr Colin Reilly, are conducting an evidence based study into parishes from across the Diocese, in a range of settings, that have experienced numerical growth over the past few years, using an extensive statistical analysis of extant data collected by the Diocese, supported by site visits and case studies to participating parishes. Due for completion in 2015.

Workplace Chaplaincy

A project in workplace chaplaincy among professionals in the Melbourne CBD has been developed in partnership with the Melbourne Anglican Foundation, for commencment in 2016.