What is the Bishop Perry Institute?

Welcome to the conversation…

Melbourne is a growing city. Every week people move here to work, learn, and raise their families.  Our desire is that the church should also be growing.  As we pursue our vision to make the Word of God fully known, our expectation is that every week more people will find new faith, hope and love in their local Anglican Church. 

The Bishop Perry Institute has been formed to empower every parish church to be a vibrant centre of mission and ministry. 

We provide creative environments where clergy and laypeople learn and plan together in order to work together, helping parish churches to be more effective in outreach, service and discipleship.

We’re launching field-driven research into the real-world realities of parish life to create practical strategies to build strength and foster growth at the local parish level.

We’ve launched this site to provide a connection point where you can join a conversation, link in with training, find resources, and learn more about our research.


Purpose and functions of BPI

You can view the Purpose and Functions document, which established the Bishop Perry Institute, here.

The Governance structure of the Bishop Perry Institute can be viewed here.