The Anglican Way

The Anglican Way is a six session online course introducing the Anglican Church of Australia - its history, beliefs and practises, and place in Australian life and culture. The Anglican Way seeks to impart both intellectual knowledge and active formation, through the dual prisms of learning and experience, in the context of the Anglican Church of Australia, and what might be broadly called ‘Anglicanism.’

It seeks to achieve this through the delivery of an online based library of written material, on which the response of participants is sought in a variety of ways; and through recommending a course of active participation in an experiential way through suggested church visits, undertaken in conjunction with the written material for each module. The participant is then asked to reflect on the written content (knowledge) and the associated experience (doing), with an ordained Anglican minister who acts as their mentor. 


The content of The Anglican Way is delivered in six modules, covering the history, belief, and practice of the Anglican Church of Australia.  

  • Module One: A unique history – Anglicans in Australia
  • Module Two: A turbulent history – the Church of England to the Reformation 
  • Module Three: “All things necessary for salvation” – The Fundamental convictions
  • Module Four: Visions of Anglicanism
  • Module Five: “Decently and in order” – Anglican worship
  • Module Six: “One more step along the world I go” – A Church without walls 

The Anglican Way will be suitable for any person wishing to gain a broad understanding of, and appreciation for, the Anglican Church of Australia, and will be especially useful for those coming to Anglicanism from another tradition and those preparing for rites of initiation such as Confirmation or Reception into Communicant Membership. The Anglican Way can be adapted for group study.

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