This is our referral page, directing you to places where you will find a wealth of further resources to inspire, encourage and equip your ministry, and motivate you in mission.   

The Christian Research Association


The latest edition of Pointers, the publication of the Christian Research Association, can be downloaded here.

The Durham Centre for Church Growth Research

The Centre for Church Growth Research is a ministry of Cranmer Hall at St John's College Durham, UK. The centre aims to produce high quality research on church growth relevant to both Britain and the international context.

Online Resources from Australia, UK and USA

An ever expanding library of links to online journals, newsletters, bulletins, research papers, interesting blogs, other resources, and more… Some free, some require subscription but most with free samples and resources to try before you buy. 

Australian journals, bulletins and newsletters  

Australian Leadership

Practical ideas for Australian church leaders.
Published by Mediacom. Subscription required.   

Australian e-Journal of Theology

Published by the Australian Catholic University.
Free to download.  

Christian Research Association (CRA)

Research body 'charting the faith of Australians.'
"Pointers' newsletter (subscription required).

McCrindle Research

Conducting world class research. Communicating insights in innovative ways. 
Extensive range of resources for free download.   

NCLS (National Church Life Survey) Research

Occasional papers, and resources related to the five yearly national church life survey, last undertaken in 2011.  

St Mark’s Review

Journal, published by the St Mark’s National Theological Centre.
Subscription required.  

UK based journals, bulletins and newsletters 


An Anglican evangelical journal for theology and mission.
Available free online – no login or subscription required.  


The journal of CPAS, an Anglican agency seeking to resource the local church and its leaders in mission.
Current, and previous, editions can be read online and downloaded free.  

Encounters on the Edge

The quarterly publication of the Church Army (UK) research unit.  

The Expository Times

One of the oldest, and most reliable journals, exploring the intersection between theology and praxis.
Published by the University of Edinburgh.
Subscription only, but free abstracts of published articles.  

Grove Books

An extensive library of resources, many available as PDF downloads (small fee).
Published by Grove, UK.  

London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Searchable data base of articles relating to church leadership available for free download.  


Scoler is the Sheffield centre's online library of evangelism research.
Published by Church Army UK.
Most resources are free to download.  

USA based journals, bulletins and newsletters 


The Alban Institute

Building up congregations and their leaders.
An extensive library of resources available for purchase.
Free weekly newsletter by email subscription.  

The Barna Group

Examine. Illuminate. Transform.
Extensive library of data on the American church context, most for purchase.
Free weekly newsletter by email subscription.  

Building Church Leaders

Published by Christianity Today.
Subscription required.  

Christian Leadership Alliance

A lifelong learning resource for Christian leaders.
Free email newsletter (called 'Outcomes').  

Christianity Today

The leadership and pastoral ministry library.
In excess of 21,000 searchable articles for download – payment required.  

Church Internet Toolbox

Practical internet tools. Help your church reach people. Build effective ministries.  

Enrichment Journal

Published by the Assemblies of God USA.
Some free content, but subscription required for most.  

Great Commission Research Network (GCRN)

To empower the local church to make disciples and participate more robustly in the missio Dei.
Biola University (subscription required). 

Leadership Journal

Widely read, and often authoritative. Published by Christianity Today.
Online (PDF download) subscription available to international subscribers.


Leadership Now

Secular journal for all aspects of leadership.
Subscription, and free weekly email blog.


Leading Ideas e-newsletter

Free by email newsletter of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.
Publishd by the Wesleyan Theological Seminary.

Ministry Best Practices 

Resources for innovative ministry.

Ministry and Liturgy

Journal for innovative leadership of mainline churches.
Subscription required.

Ministry and Leadership

Journal of the Reformed Theological Seminary.
Available free for download online.

Ministry Tools

Equipping leaders, teachers, and church workers for ministry.
Free email newsletter.

Missional Church Network.

Moving towards a missional mindset.
A large collection of articles (free) on the missional church movement. 

Net Results

New ideas for growing churches.
Available by subscription only.

The Parish Paper

Ideas and insights for congregations.
Subscription required, but some free issues.

Preaching Today

Published by Christianity Today.
Free email newsletter, subscription required for journal.


Tom Bandy (Thriving Church)

Widely published American church consultant and author.

Anthony Coppedge

The church and technology blog. 

Bill Easum’s Observations

American consultant, author and church growth strategist. 

Brian D. McLaren

Author. Speaker. Activist.

Gary McIntosh

Blog maintained by the McIntosh Church Growth Network.

Leadership Network

Leonard Sweet

American church consultant, pastor and author.

Mark McCrindle

Australian demographic and social trends researcher. 

Dave Tomlinson

‘How to be a bad Christian… and a better human being.’