The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Coaching Program

 The Diocesan Coaching program helps participants continue to build their skills and maintain their well-being on-the-job. It's specifically designed to help clergy working on the frontline of personal, family and community needs to build their effectiveness in fulfilling their vocation. Currently we have more than 80 clergy across the diocese involved in coaching partnerships. 

The program, which commenced in 2011, aims to bring out the best in our parish and ministry leaders – in particular, to help them increase their capacity and prevent developmental plateau.

In a Christian sense, coaching could be described as the relational process of co-operating with the Holy Spirit – it can unlock a person's God-given potential so that they continue to mature in their role and make their unique contribution to God's work in the world.

Through the program, experienced clergy with a depth of ministry experience undergo coaching training in order to become accredited coaches.  They are then linked with other clergy who are seeking an ongoing supportive relationship with a coach.  These clergy 'clients' may themselves be very experienced - or they may be starting out as a priest in charge of a parish or taking up a leadership role in in a specialist ministry.  In all these situations, people are usually seeking a confidential space and relationship that will provide them with the challenge, accountability and encouragement they need to keep growing in their roles.

In this way, coaching is both a supportive and demanding modality that enables leaders to function beyond their defaults. It also assists them to be intentional about their ongoing development through structured action-reflection.

Training & professional development

Coaches undergo an initial period of formal training and supervision provided by accredited, qualified trainers.  They then take on some initial coaching responsibilities in an apprenticeship-style arrangement until they are ready to have their own regular coaching clients.

Coaches also engage in periodical professional development to help them continue to build their skills and awareness.  This may be achieved through reading, seminars, structured supervision or advanced training courses.   They also reflect regularly on their practice in the presence of a group of peer coaches.

Next Steps

If you'd like to know more about getting a coach, or about joining the Coaching Training Program, call Carol Clark, Parish Renewal Co-ordinator, on 0411 550 998;  or email [email protected]