Caring for the Carers 

From time to time, particular sets of circumstances may give rise to the need for those who constantly provide care to others to seek care for themselves. In some such situations, a level of intervention from a suitably qualified professional person will be the right and appropriate response.



The Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

To help meet this need, the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, through Lifeworks Victoria, provides an EAP for clergy. The service is accessed by self referral, and provides three sessions with a qualified person at no expense to the cleric. There is absolute confidentiality for the initial three sessions. No records or reports are forwarded to the Diocese in regards to who accesses the service nor under what circumstances.     




Other Resources 

In addition to the EAP service, other providers of services clergy may choose to access, according to their circumstances, include (but are not limited to):

The Mental Health Care Plan 

A number of sessions with a psychologist or other professional practitioner, funded by Medicare, may be available under the Australian Government Mental Health Care plan, upon referral from a General Practitioner (GP).  



Counselling and related services

 A range of counselling services, for a range of issues, some funded by Medicare, are available by appointment.  



Professional Services

Qualified psychologists in private practice may also be available by appointment to clergy seeking their services on a per fee basis.   



Positive psychology

Stipend Continuance Insurance

Stipend Continuance Insurance is available to clergy in situations of long term illness or incapacity to perform their duties. Contact your area Bishop and / or the diocesan insurance department in the first instance for advice.