From the earliest of times, it has been the custom of the church for its clergy to meet together regularly for mutual support and encouragement. In the Diocese of Melbourne, as in most other expressions of Anglicanism around the world, the primary vehicle for this is the meeting of the Area Deanery. The Ordinal, additionally, requires those in all three orders of ordained ministry to take up their place, both in public worship and ministry, and in the ‘life and councils of the Church.’


Collegiality would be enhanced by:

  • Attending meetings of the Area Deanery as regularly as possible, according to individual circumstances (note it is especially important that Assistant Curates develop this habit, and learn this example, from their supervisors, in the early years of their ministry).    
  • Consider other ways of forming and fostering collegiality additional to Deanery, and as appropriate to individual circumstances (e.g. through associations of school chaplains and other such networks, fellowship groups and societies, informal networks and meetings of colleagues, etc.) 
  • Attend the annual Clergy Conference
  • Attend all sessions of Synod so as to take up one's place in the life and councils of the Church as required by The Ordinal.



Three 2017 diocesan ministry conference will take palce from Wednesday 26 July to Friday 28 July at the Pullman Hotel Albert PArk.

See the conference website for further details (link pending) 


Area Deans 

The Diocese of Melbourne is divided into 21 Area Deaneries, each led by an Area Dean. Deaneries meet regularly for mutual support and encouragement. 

If you are unsure about which deanery you are in, or who your Area Dean is, contact the office of the Director of Wellbeing for advice.


Ministry Networks & Resource People


In addition to Area Deaneries, a number of other ministry specific resource people, and networks exist in the Diocese. 


School Chaplains network

Contact: The Revd Andrew Stewart [email protected] 


Hospital Chaplaincy

Contact: The Revd Stephen Delbidge [email protected] 


Multicultural Ministry

Contact: The Revd Glen Buijs [email protected]