Physical Wellbeing

The physical aspects of wellbeing encompass a broad range of factors - from time management, life work balance, and relaxation, to exercise, diet, and general health and fitness. 


 The wellbeing of all clergy would be enhanced by:

  • Establishing and maintaining a time management regime and procedures that allow for, and facilitate, a healthy work / life balance 
  • Diarise and take one day off weekly (one full period of 24 hours each week)
  • Diarise and plan for annual leave annually (4 weeks per year including four Sundays)
  • Plan for, and take, Long Service Leave according to the provisions of the Long Service Leave canon and current diocesan policy   
  • Achieve a clear understanding with the responsible parties (e.g. churchwardens in a parish setting) for how, when, and under what circumstances the above will be undertaken  

For a simple diagnostic on your work-life balance, take the quiz produced by the Canadian Mental Health Association below.

Downlaod the 'Are you in Balance' quiz


For an overview of health and wellbeing, download the Victorian Government publication below.

Download the Victorian Government Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2015-19



The physical environment in which a cleric is housed can have an impact and bearing on the wellbeing of both the cleric and their family (if applicable). The diocesan Property Department has published guidelines for the annual inspection of vicarages and other church owned properties in which clergy are housed.

Churchwardens annual property insepction pro forma  

The diocesan property team, and the relevant Archdeacon, can provide advice and direction regarding property matters.


Holiday Homes

The Diocese maintains holidays homes in Point Lonsdale and Cowes (Phillip Island) for the use of clergy. See the brochures available for download below for more information and for booking details.  

Phillip Island (download brochure)

Point Lonsdale (download brochure)



Annual and Long Service Leave

 Annual Leave entitlements for clergy are four weeks per year inclusive of four Sundays. Leave should not normally be accumulated.

Leave application form

Leave notification form


The provisions for clergy Long Service Leave are set out in the Long Service Leave Canon 1992, below.

Long Service Leave Canon 1992


General Physical Wellbeing


Clergy will normally have their own arrangements for medical and related care. In situations of particular need or hardship, some limited funds may be available through the Nigel Morgan Fund for Clergy Wellbeing at the Melbourne Anglican Foundation, for purposes such as (but not limited to): 

  • Meeting the cost of medical care not covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance
  • Accessing professional services, such as those provided by (but not limited to), a dietician, nutritionist, fitness instructor, speech therapist, etc.   

Funds are accessed by application to the Director of Wellbeing, normally on the recommendation of a Bishop or Area Dean.





Stipend Continuance Insurance

Stipend Continuance Insurance is available to clergy in situations of long term illness or incapacity to perform their duties. For details contact your Bishop or the diocesan Insurance Department.